Exorcism Tenner

~ in bronze

Dedicated to St Benedict, St Francis of Assisi 
and St Anthony of Padua and the Precious Blood of Jesus.

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A wonderful tenner for a man.  The skull (representing the monastic reflection of the four last things) is optional ~ as it is not everyone's spirituality to have that symbol connected to a tenner despite it being represented in many saints' personal symbols.  

It is a powerful exorcism-style tenner for many reasons with a St Benedict medal (I would recommend that the owner to have the medal receive the special exorcism blessing connected to this particular medal from a priest.) and the crucifix has two powerful prayers on either side.  The side dedicated to St Francis has the 'Priestly Blessing from the Book of Numbers': "The Lord Bless thee and keep thee and show His face to thee and have pity on thee, may He turn His contenance towards thee and give thee peace. The Lord bless thee."  On the other side featuring St Anthony, it has the St Anthony's Brief which is a special exorcism prayer and perfect for a man if he carries his tenner in his pocket daily. The prayer reads: "Behold the Cross of the Lord. Fly yea evil power. The lion of the tribe of Juda, the root of Jesse has conquered, Alleluia, Alleluia!" Then finally on the rosary centre it reads: "Place on thy heart one drop of the Precious Blood of JESUS and fear nothing PIUS IX" Wow!!

The following pieces are vintage reproduction pieces hand cast from antique originals in solid bronze.

Crucifix: Incredibly detailed cross dedicated to St Francis and St Anthony (see details above) 2" or 5cms
Medal attached near Crucifix: Since the cross does not have the Corpus on it, I have attached an medal with the image of the Crucified Christ, on the back of the medal it reads: "Santisimo Cristo Del Buen Viaje" 5/8 " or 1.5cms
Rosary Centre: Precious Blood 5/8" or 1.5cms (see above for what is written on the back of this centre)
Medal: St Benedict Medal  1 1/8" or 3cms

Pater bead: Blue Tiger Eye gemstone in 12mm
First Three Aves: Blue Tiger Eye gemstones in 8mm
Ten Aves:  Blue Tiger Eye gemstones in 8mm

Construction: Fumed natural brass jump rings and 20gauge wire. Vintaj Petite Etched chain in brass.

NOW SOLD ~ Many thanks!