Precious Blood Rosary Bracelet in Bronze

~ in bronze

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"The Precious Blood of Our Lord was shed on the Cross; by It Our Lord won all the graces necessary for the salvation of every human being. We simply need to grasp these graces and apply them to ourselves and others. The Precious Blood is a flowing Fountain of spiritual gifts that will never run dry. "  ~ Fr Faber

All the following pieces are vintage reproduction, handcast in bronze.

Crucifix:  Christening. " or cms
Rosary Centre: Eucharistic ~ 'Wheat & Vine' " or cms
Medal:  Sacred Heart link.  " or cms
Clasp:  Etched ring and toggle

Construction: 19 gauge fumed red brass wire and jump rings
Overall Length:  7 7/8" or 20cm

Pater bead: Lodalite Quartz 8mm sitting in two brass bead caps designed to represent a chalice.
Ave beads: Lodalite Quartz 7mm
Bead attached to Link Medal: Grape purple Adventurine gemstone in 4mm


NOW SOLD ~ Many thanks!

My rosary bracelets are created with wear and tear in mind ~ people who want to wear the bracelet daily as they offer their rosary and Divine Mercy chaplets daily ~ they look delicate and sweet but they are sturdy and strong.

This rare quartz is one of my favourites, each bead looks as though it has encapsulated blood, so perfect with a Eucharistic themed devotional piece.  It is lovely to finger these beads through the decades as your mind naturally turns to the Precious Blood of Jesus.

This rosary bracelet has a rosary centre placed between the 3rd and 4th Ave bead of the decade.  This allows the Servite Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady to be offered as well as a normal rosary (hand just moves over the rosary centre to the next Ave) as well as the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

This bracelet is to be used to recite the rosary or Divine Mercy chaplet. Basically there is a break between the third and fourth Ave, where I've added the rosary centre as a meditative focal point, slide the finger across it while reciting the decade to continue on.