~ strong ~ unbreakable ~ beautiful ~

Each key ring has a solid bronze, vintage reproduction Irish Penal ring, used in crudely made one decade rosaries by the Irish in the 1700's in order to disguise their them from the English, who were persecuting them for their faith.

I have used 15gauge 9.5cm etched natural brass jump rings. These will not pull open.

I have used 19gauge fumed red brass wire to construct the gemstone piece and attach the medal/cross.  This will not pull apart.

Each key ring comes with three rings to attach keys.  I can add more if you prefer for a cost of $1 per ring.

Prices including free worldwide postage vary from $55 - 67US.

This page is still being developed, but please feel free to email me about the purchasing of any of these key rings in the mean time.