When I commenced the classical chainwork style, after three years of construction in wire, I had two important things in mind, creating something of quality that was ascetically beautiful and being able to guarantee my workmanship for life.

So it give me great satisfaction to assure my customers of the high quality of materials I use ~ they have been chosen for their beauty and for their durability.  

For anyone who knows me, knows my perfectionist nature, so construction in undertaken by me using a technique of chaining that is designed to be unbreakable which I have mastered with great care.  If for some reason you experience a break in my rosary, I will happily repair your rosary at no cost and cover shipping costs.

If something I have made involves the use of bought chain, I have taken great care to chose a chain that is very strong and sturdy.  I cannot guarantee that a link may open up if the piece is put under pressure (being pulled with force) but it usually requires the owner to close the link again with pliers.  At the present moment I work with Vintaj 'Figaro' chain which has no  chain links to open up and will not break.  I also use Vintaj 'Petite Etched' chain which does have unsoldered links but the gauge is heavy enough to make a link opening a rarity and only under undue pressure.  

A lot of my creations do not have bought chain in their construction, in that case I have made my own 'connectors' made of 4mm gemstones, 19 or 20 gauge wire and 20 gauge 1.75mm jump rings or I have made chain from my 19gauge jump rings, this I guarantee for life.