St Raphael Tenner

A beautiful tenner for a man or woman who love this great and noble archangel of health and happy meetings and marriages. My husband and I have always had devotion to St Raphael and have been greatly blessed by his intercession. We pray to him daily whenever we begin a journey in our car. The Pater conveys a feeling of nobility, the Aves have an angelic quality to them in the luminous qualities of Mother of Pearl, the swirls of green in the MOP and in the little connector beads, his journey on earth. This is a stunning and sturdy piece!

The following pieces are vintage reproduction pieces hand cast from antique originals in solid bronze.
Crucifix Raised eight Cherubs. 2" or 5cms
Medal St Raphael medal with vinework. 1" or 2.4cms The back of the medal reads: "St Raphael preserve us from ill health and all danger to life."
Pater bead Solid Cast Bronze Bali bead 12mm x 11mm ~ Fancy dots and scrollwork
Ten Aves 8mm 'Green Snail' Mother of Pearl beads.
Construction Fumed natural brass jump rings and 20gauge wire. The tenner is joined together by three connectors I've made using 4mm green Indian Bloodstone gemstones, making this tenner virtually unbreakable, very safe in very small hands!!

"Because you were acceptable to God it was is necessary that temptation should prove you. Now the Lord sent me to heal you. I delivered Sarah, your son’s wife from the devil. For I am the angel Raphael. One of the seven who stand before God." ~ St Raphael addressing Tobias from the Old Testament book of Tobit.

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