Our Lady of Mt Carmel Scarf clasp


Click on the photo to see the amazing detail on this medal.

This piece is vintage reproduction, handcast in solid bronze.

Medal: Mary & the Lilies.

Clasp: Cherub clasp

Construction: Natural brass petite etched chain with etched brass rings.

Length: 7.5cm x 8cms or 3inches x 3.15inches.

NOW SOLD ~ Many thanks!

"Dilecto Carmeli" means Beloved Carmel. It has four cherubs around the centre oval, with stunning filigree work.

The back has two rings, so that the clasp can be drawn in tighter for a light summer scarf or let out for the bulkiness of a winter scarf.

I have finally made up for sale, two beautiful, religious medals for scarf holders or in the summer to hold together a light cardigan or bolero jacket as seen in the photos below. I have one for myself and used it constantly throughout summer and winter, to me it is the wearing of a religious medal that also is functional with my clothing.

In winter, I wear scarves nearly everyday and I use this medal to hold them together. This medal can also be used with a head scarf at Holy Mass:

While I am in Mass I sometimes wear the scarf like this, with the middle of the scarf draped over my head, the medal holding the two sides of the scarf together with the ends draped over each shoulder, it is comfortable. After Mass I push the scarf off my head and bring the ends back of the shoulder, just draping down the front and it looks lovely as well!

This big medal is of Our Lady of Mt Carmel and the Child Jesus holding the scapular, it has written around them, "Dilecto Carmel" meaning "Beloved Carmel" It has four cherubs at each corner and filigree work is magnificent. It is very large ~ 7.5cm x 8cms or 3inches x 3.15inches.

Here is the medal being used to hold a scarf, I wear it like this in winter.

Here is the medal holding a light bolero jacket together, lovely for summer. The cardigan or bolero's weave must be be big enough to thread the chain through, this top is crocheted and so can be used in this way.

On the back of the medal is engravings ~ a lamb and possibly Carmel inspired markings. The chain I have used is Vintaj natural brass, an etched cable chain that is very strong. I have used a solid bronze flower clasp to hold the two ends of the chain together, the sides of the clasp can be opened when putting the medal on or off.